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These 9 Luxury Hotels Will Serve You Michelin Meals—in Bed — Robb Report

No need to change out of your robe for these Michelin-starred meals.

After a long day of travel, you’re finally in your hotel room, TV and robe on, room service ordered. When the trolley arrives, though, it’s not the usual club sandwich or burger under that silver dome, but instead, Duck Confit Flautas, Oysters in Champagne sabayonor yuzu cheesecake—sent straight from the kitchen of a Michelin-starred­ restaurant.

In recent years, “destination dining” has taken on a deeper meaning as an increasing number of hotels have become home to award-winning restaurants that draw locals and in-house guests alike. While once little more than a place for a quick breakfast or lunch meeting, many of today’s hotel restaurants are overseen by celebrity chefs and are garnering Michelin stars. In many of these cases, though, the restaurant operates as a separate entity—so the most a checked-in guest may expect in the way of perks is some help snagging a prime table or last-minute reservation.

But some hotels have started taking it to the next level, developing deeper hotel-chef partnerships in which the culinary masters oversee all aspects of hotel dining, from the lobby to the rooms. And in extra-special cases—in which, we assume, the chefs aren’t too precious about micro-managing a diner’s experience—hotel guests are even able to order dishes from the actual restaurant menu to their rooms, instead of from a separate selection of more casual fare.

Here are nine hotels where you can dine on Michelin-starred dishes without the hassle of snagging a reservation, sitting for a long meal—or even getting dressed.


via These 9 Luxury Hotels Will Serve You Michelin Meals—in Bed — Robb Report


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